If you aren't a member, please consider joining the club. The 2017 membership application is available here. Official membership gives you:

     1. Voting rights

     2. Opportunities to hold leadership positions

     3. A way to be affiliated with the American Boxer Club

     4. A way to show your support for our club

The cost is $20 for an individual/family membership. The club is completely non-profit. All membership dues go to club business, such as dues to the American Boxer Club, maintaining the web site and fees for a boxer specialty.

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Telephone: Michelle Oki (808) 368-2120


2016 Club Officers: 

     President: Michelle Oki

     Vice President: Joan Riggs

     Secretary: Ron Riggs

     Treasurer: Liz Steinbach

Club Officers

2016 Board Members:

     Joyce Borthwick

     Gail Lindsey

     Sandy Tsukiyama

Facebook Administrator:

     Susan Trent